„If you don`t understand people, you don`t understand business“

(Simon Sinek)

Welcome on Board!

Moin Moin (which means “welcome” in Hamburg). I’m glad, that you landed on my website. Before we start I would like to introduce myself: I am Anne Michel.

I have over many years` experience as a  manager for organizational and people development and I am firmly convinced that “all employees represent an opportunity for an organization and not a burden to carry”.

But our daily (working) lives often look different: Whereas the employees still stand at the shore and watch the sea, the ship (the organization in this case) has left the harbour to open up for another interesting journey.

As a consequence there are a lot of employees in organizations who feel left behind and don`t see the sense and purpose of their job anymore.

Both, employees and companies have to fight with the consequences of this situation: a lack of performance, inefficient processes and employees who are concentrated on everything else, but not on their job.

But let me guess, you as a Entrepreneur want to establish your organization on the market in the long term, right? And you also want your crew to work with passion and purpose, right?

If so, then you have come to the right place! Let us start your together with your “organizational and personnel development journey”.

Working with me

My Methods for a Strategical Organizational- und People Development


„Listening is active. And its most basic level, it`s about focus, paying attention“
(Simon Sinek)

To fully understand how your company works, it is more than relevant for me to listen to you and your employees – throughout the whole organizational- and people development process.

I will listen very carefully until I understand

(1) the (processual) status quo of your company
(2) how you picture your entrepreneurial future
(3) which challenges you have to face now and in the long term

I can only support you in the best possible way, if I understand your organization in detail.

To support you, I use my big „methodolgy-treasure chest“: Depending on your requirements I work with tools of process analysis, with individual coachings or teamcoachings or with different seminars or lectures – always with a strong focus on whats` best for you and your organization.

My Portfolio of Methods

I am convinced that we have to use a mixture of different methods to lift your organization up to a higher level. The methods we use should be synergistically connected with each other and should enable a flexible adjustment – depending on what the people in the development process need at a specific time.

Process Analysis

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Individual Coaching

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Seminars & Lectures

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The individual coaching helped me in my personal but also in my professional development. I am more than happy, that Anne supported me throughout this demanding process.

Marco W.Blind Foundation, Hamburg

In the teamcoaching we learned, how to work more efficient as a team and also, which processes prevented this collaboration so far. Since then, I love to come to work every day.

Alexandra K.University of Hamburg

I learned a lot and had fun during the coaching – it could not imagine a better way to gain knowledge.

Sven G.The HVV (The public transport association for travel in and around Hamburg)

It`s fascinating how efficient work can be when processes are optimized. Why did we wait this long?

Martina G.Vorwerk Austria

Who I am – My Professional Experience

My Professional Journey – Or how I Became a Organizational- and People Development Manager

My Scientific Career

With the decision to study social sciences to 2009, I laid a solid foundation for my future professional career. During my studies, I realized that I felt a great passion for all psychology and communication topics.

2013 I received my project management certificate. In these studies I focused on project communication and learned how to handle comprehensive change projects successfully.

I finished my scientific career in 2018 with my PhD in business administration/marketing at the university of Hamburg.

Currently, I am undergoing a further education that enables me to work as a professional business coach.

My career in the Area of Organizational- and People Development

2009 I started to work as a freelancer in the area of organizational- and people development and since then, I accompanied a variety of international organizations in their change processes:

 From 2009 to 2012 I was responsible for a big project at Levi’s® in the area of communication and employee/customer-training.

From 2012 to 2016 I was responsible for marketing seminars and lectures at the university of Hamburg. I also conducted and implemented team workshops and seminars for different international companies.

In 2017 & 2018 I had the great opportunity to support two big change projects at Raiffeisen Switzerland as an organizational- and people development manager.

Since the beginning of 2018 I am working in a project at Vorwerk Austria as an people development manager and it is my goal, that all employees work under the best possible conditions and go to work with a purpose.

What I learned from my different projects? Definitely this:

„There are only two ways to influence human behavior: You can manipulate it or you can
inspire it“ (Simon Sinek)

Employees who are inspired and understand the purpose of their job – this should be our common goal. Because employees who work with a purpose are the ones who work highly motivated.

My References

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Graz University of Technology

University of Hamburg

Der Paritätische Gesamtverband

Hamburg Blind Foundation

Elbcampus (Chamber of Handicrafts)

Atlanta Health Group GmbH

Otto Group

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Tschüss! (In Hamburg, we say “Tschüss” – This means goodbye, au revoir or adios!).

Yours, Anne Michel